100% Waterproof & Washable

Medical keyboards have recently become recognized as an important and cost-effective tool for infection prevention.

A study performed by Dr. William Rutala, University of North Carolina, found that as many as 25% of hospital keyboards tested positive for the deadly super bug, MRSA (the washability of Seal Shield keyboards enables them to address this problem), daily disinfecting is an effective deterrent to cross contamination.

Seal Shield manufactures medical keyboards which are priced like standard keyboards and type like standard keyboards but have unique features which make them ideal medical keyboards. Seal Shield recommends that its medical keyboards be washed regularly, to eliminate pathogens on the surface, thereby protecting the users.

I am one of the infection control nurses. We have dropped these keyboards, slammed the keys, put them through the dishwasher many times. We also test these periodically with our ATP tester and they consistently register below 10, which is considered a low bacterial count. I have also washed them with our hospital-grade detergents without any problems.”
— Brian J. Rogers, Infection Control CoordinatorVA Medical Center –Roseburg, OR